About the company

Many people have thought about doing something themselves and with a result which would satisfy the interests of oneself as well as of the clients. The company was established in 1994, when I slowly decided to start providing a transport service within the Estonian market, having only one older SISU to start with. Gradually the company developed, until O Melka Auto was established in 1999, which consisted already of 5 transport vehicles and contractual drivers. Having proved to be a reliable partner, we have as of today developed despite of the harsh competition to a state, which in respect of the services also involves long-distance external transport operations and there are 10 employees on the payroll of the company.
The company has developed in the faith that investments in the car fleet and in the employees with respect of solid wages and joint events ensure the service of the clients to the best possible extent. Time has shown that we were not wrong. Efficiency, flexibility and broad-based experiences in the field of transportation always enable us to find suitable solutions for clients. Good relationships with subcontractors make it possible to also fill orders of larger volume. We are a company with development potential and thus able to adjust pursuant to the needs of the market.
By offering competitive service of superior quality, we are always ready to listen to and accept your offers.

Wishing you good luck
Meelis Jrgenson
O Melka Auto